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20 Yıllık Bilgi Birikimi

Her geçen gün üretimdeki kaliteyi arttırarak yolculuğumuza devam etmeyi hedefliyoruz.

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“BIg enough to
serve you.
Small enough to
know you.”


Our Strengths

Project Management

Project management in accordance with the APQP process


Mould design that take into consideration science and engineering


Short, reliable delivery times


Compact enough to know and always accompany you

Single contact throughout – from idea to serial production!


Send us technical drawing, part CAD data and specs, and we will support you in casting feasibility.


Share your casting machine information, let’s make runner design engineering calculations together. Let’s simulate flow and solidification with Magma simulation software.

Mould Production

Let’s choose the most suitable manufacturing method that will extend the life of the mould while manufacturing the most suitable steel types for your moulds casting requirements.

Try Out

Let us support you in eliminating casting defects with our expert team by participating in casting trials.


Let’s examine the test piece measurement reports and evaluate How to correct NOK dimension with you and our experienced team. Let’s measure steels after correction and share results with you.

Mould Repair

Do not worry about how to make the most suitable maintenance and repairs for your molds in mass production. Send us your molds and we will take care of them in the most appropriate way and deliver them to you.

Data Traceability

Do not worry about data tracking the data of you. Let’s process every intervention we have made on the moulds to the CAD model and follow the revision of the data carefully.

Single Contact

Let’s be a part of the solution that we will produce together with our teammate who will be with you at every stage of the project process.